So it’s 2023 and many of us will be jumping into the resolutions that you committed to in the midst of the Christmas indulgence, most probably after a few drinks… seemed like a good idea at the time!

No matter what you committed to, or didn’t, here at TimeTraders we think everybody deserves a treat and what better way to do that than to buy yourself a nice watch! There are a whole host of reasons why it makes sense but to get you going here are five for you to consider.


It might sound a bit blunt, but investing in a top-end watch is considered a surefire way to make money.

Take Rolex – a 1970’s stainless steel number from “the” watch brand has never depreciated in value if you look at the numbers over the medium to long term. This is because the demand exceeds the rate of production – simple “supply and demand” economics!


If you’re someone who likes to have quick access to your assets, a luxury watch is a fantastic investment that ticks the box. Because the market for used top-end timepieces is buoyant worldwide, you’ll essentially be walking around with currency on your wrist. From a South African perspective, it goes a step further – as long as you own the watch it’s a great (and entirely legal) way of taking wealth out of the country, without breaching any of the strict exchange control guidelines.

And remember you can insure a Rolex, but you can’t insure cash!


Maybe the beginning of 2023 is when you put that stake in the ground and launched the “New Year, New You”, or perhaps there’s some other milestone that you want to celebrate. What better way to do it than investing in a pre-owned luxury watch. At TimeTraders we check every watch carefully for authenticity and functionality before it goes up on our website, so when you shop, you do so safely in the knowledge that what you’re buying is the real deal and fit to mark that milestone. Whether it’s the first run around the house on the way to a marathon or the celebration of any personal achievement for that matter, a good watch is an excellent way to mark the occasion.


No other accessory in the world compares to the exquisite craftsmanship of a luxury watch. Generally speaking, a watch is the only legitimate piece of jewelry a man can wear, and the right one can significantly impact your style, personality, and persona. When a man is properly “suited and booted” there must be a decent watch slapped to his wrist, to complete the look.

These days there are limitless options for the male consumer, with both style and price in mind. Whether it’s classic vintage or modern there’ll definitely be a piece out there that speaks to you, and you alone. Why not take a look at our current collection – maybe there’s a watch with your name on it!


Luxury watches don’t just tell time. They tell a story, a chronicle of how and why they came to be on your wrist. Maybe it was a cherished gift from a loved one? The birth of a child? An impulse buy before heading off on an adventure? A celebration of a realised ambition? Luxury watches, no matter the price, have the power to become a tangible symbol of an important memory.

To paraphrase one of Patek Philippe’s iconic mantra: ‘You never actually own a luxury watch. You merely look after it for the next generation.

If you’re on the lookout for a new watch, for whatever reason why not take a peek at what we have to offer. You can also sign up to our WhatsApp channel here and get details of new watches as soon as they arrive, direct to your phone.

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