Often considered the greatest boxer of all-time American, Floyd Mayweather probably needs no introduction. Born in 1977 his career spanned from 1996 to 2015, with a one-off comeback fight in 2017.  His record is staggering – he fought 50 times, and won 50 times, with 27 of his victories coming by way of a knockout.

As one of the most lucrative pay-to-view attractions of all time, in any sport, he made the Forbes top 50 list of highest-paid athletes in 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015. He is also the sixth highest-earning athlete of all time with an inflation-adjusted income of $1.2 billion throughout his career.

Now retired, Mayweather enjoys a real bling lifestyle with collections of luxury cars, unique designer outfits, and expensive jewellery. To be fair, after taking and giving goodness knows how many punches, he deserves it!

He’s also a total “watch junkie”, boasting a massive collection of top-end, sophisticated timepieces from a wide range of well-known brands. But standing head and shoulders above them all is the “one-of-a-kind” 47.5 mm, Rainbow Tourbillon Baguette, by the premium watchmaker, Jacobs and Co. The rainbow refers to the multi-coloured open dial, and the baguette is a diamond-cut style.  Complete with an 18K white gold bracelet it’s adorned with an unbelievable 498 factory diamonds. As you can imagine it’s a watch that makes quite a statement.

You might think, who on earth would walk around with a watch worth so much money on their wrist, but then what sane human being would try and take it off him!

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