Boasting enormous salaries and often an ego to match, many of the biggest names in sport aren’t seen without the obligatory premium watch. Here we take a quick look at five household names and what they wear, just for fun!

David Beckham

With an estimated net worth of some US$450M, it’s fair to say that soccer’s favorite heartthrob can afford to cut a fancy suit and pair it with one of the various Tudor watches he boasts. As an ambassador for the brand, he’s never short on choice. Typically it’s his trusty Black Bay Chrono with contrasting sub-counters – it’s versatile, unquestionably manly, and encapsulates absolute confidence and style without being too loud. The sporting icon, who scored a pop star wife and could bend a football like no other, is rarely seen without one of these sporty timepieces when out and about on business, or making celebrity appearances.

Tiger Woods

Perhaps the biggest name in the history of the game, Woods is of course past his best but his record in the golf halls of fame speaks for itself, and he still manages to repuditly pull in US$50M in earnings, annually. He’s usually accompanied by his Rolex Deepsea on the fairways and when he’s off enjoying his favourite pastime – diving. The Deepsea is very much a solid, sturdy, and reliable companion…..the perfect piece for driving or diving. Woods makes no secret of the fact that his Rolex has shared in the wins, losses, and adventures that are the story of this sporting legend’s life.

Christiano Ronaldo

Despite being expelled from school as a youngster, for throwing a chair at his teacher, the young Portuguese footballer went on to play his first professional game for Sporting Lisbon, at just 17 years of age. Some 20 years later he’s still going strong at the very highest level, with Manchester United, who sign his whopping US$5M monthly paycheck. Obviously, such a superstar is not complete without the customary fine timepiece, and although he boasts quite a collection, it’s his 18k yellow gold Rolex Daytona, with diamond hour markers, that is most often seen strapped to his wrist.

Roger Federer

Swiss tennis legend Roger and Rolex have been best friends for a long time. Having won 103 ATP singles titles including 20 majors it’s easy to see how he earns US$100M every year. Universally revered as a legend of the game and also a true gentleman on the tennis court it’s easy to see why Rolex has stuck with him as a world ambassador since 2006. Arguably, the most famous timepiece in his collection is the Rolex DateJust II. He’s spoken often about the personal importance he attributes to the watch having worn it in 2009 when he famously defeated Andy Roddick at Wimbledon.

Lewis Hamilton

In the world of F1 there’s no doubt that Lewis Hamilton is the current king of bling. He’s also a great of the sport having bagged seven world titles – an achievement matched only by the legendary Michael Schumacher.  Hamilton will earn a hefty US$40M for his services this year, but being strapped to 1,000bhp and hurtling around a race track at more than 300kmh, he probably deserves it. His Mercedes team has been sponsored by IWC Schaffhausen since 2013 and we often see him kitted out in their Big Pilot model. However at a press conference just before the recent Miami Grand Prix, Hamilton turned up wearing not one, but three IWC watches, along with as many rings, bracelets, and necklaces as he could get through customs. The stunt was apparently his protest against the proposed ban on jewelry while racing, which the sports governing body wants to impose. He could say, catch me if you can!

At some time we’ve all probably swung a golf club or tennis racket, kicked a football, or sat behind the wheel of our family saloon thinking we’re lapping Monaco, but it’s quite clear that to reach the pinnacle of any chosen sport needs something very special…….and a nice watch!

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