When it comes to classic watches, they don’t come more well-traveled than the Omega Speedmaster. It’s been worn by pilots, explorers, athletes, and actors, but perhaps astronaut Buzz Aldrin is the most famous person to don the iconic piece.

The Speedmaster Professional became the “Moonwatch” simply because of its historical impact. Aldrin’s watch, the ST 105.012 is not only the first to traverse the surface of the moon, but also one of the most significant wristwatches of the 20th century.

So what happened to the watch?

Well, as per the standard protocol, on his return to earth, Buzz sent his watch to the Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C. where the watch was set to be permanently exhibited. A team of transport carriers was contracted under a special order from NASA to deliver the watch to the museum. However, much like a thriller’s prologue, the watch was somehow stolen in transit.

Aldrin says he occasionally gets calls from people claiming to have the elusive lost moon watch, but to date, they have all been hoaxes.

If the Moonwatch still exists, then it must be out there somewhere, but if it does suddenly turn up, its ownership would still have to be resolved. Buzz Aldrin, NASA, and the Smithsonian Museum will all lay claim.

Maybe it’s simply in the possession of a lucky but unknowing owner that has no clue they’re sitting on a watch worth literally millions. If you happen to have a vintage Speedmaster in your collection from circa 1969, maybe take a closer look at the serial number, (and check for lunar dust!), as it could be you who writes the final chapter in the story of the legendary Speedy.

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