In today’s fast-paced world, with the next best thing culture, we often tend to overlook the classics when it comes to purchasing our next wristwatch.

As the trend for massive, oversized fashion watches has thankfully all but disappeared, more and more ladies and gents are opting for a more discreet and classic timepiece that does not shout loudly in your face!

And whilst there are definite pros to buying a brand new “hot” model or the latest fashion brand, it’s easy to miss out on some fantastic vintage watches that offer incredible value, loads of history together with unique styling that is simply classical and completely timeless (and will serve you for decades to come, if you look after it).

Vintage Omega is my definitely my top pick when it comes to buying a great dress or daily watch. The models made in the 60’s are particularly great and sought after options, as they have some of the finest movements ever made by the brand, and as they were produced in big numbers, spares are still readily available, come service or repair time. There’s no doubt that South Africa offers some incredible value in the vintage market when compared to the rest of the world. Long term, these watches will not only retain their value, but if you buy well, there’s no reason at all why it won’t appreciate over time.

So go on, enjoy a blast from the past and consider a vintage watch as your next timepiece.

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