The relationship between Rolex and Wimbledon is hard to miss. It dates all the way back to 1978 when they became the official timekeeper of the world’s biggest tennis event marking the start of a great partnership between two iconic and highly-respected brands.

Wimbledon is the world’s oldest and most prestigious Grand Slam tournament. It remains steeped in tradition, highlighting the organisers’ desire to maintain etiquette in the sport. Testament to this is the almost entirely white dress code for tennis attire. With the exceptional surface, respect for tradition, storied past and the greats who made their name on the courts of the All England Lawn Tennis & Croquet Club, Wimbledon is the temple of tennis.

Rolex also boasts tradition with the models, lines, and shapes of its watches, which have certainly stood the test of time. Add in the Wimbledon green with Rolex’s signature colour and you have the perfect match.

The Rolex ”Wimbledon” Datejust 41 was first released in 2019 with the reference 116333. The dial is slate grey and has painted roman markers surrounded by a bright green grass colour which can be seen as a nod to the grass on the Wimbledon courts. Whilst Rolex has never explicitly used the name ”Wimbledon” for the model, it has been closely promoted together with the Wimbledon tennis tournament. This has made the Datejust 41 with the now-known-as ”Wimbledon dial” the unofficial watch of the tournament.

As the official timekeeper of the tournament, Rolex handles all timing. It also employs a number of high-profile players as ambassadors for the brand, the most famous being eight-time Wimbledon champion, Roger Federer. Being Swiss makes him the perfect doubles partner for the iconic watch brand. After winning each of his Wimbledon titles Federer was seen with a Rolex strapped to his wrist as he lifts the famous trophy.

Wimbledon is not only the home of tennis but also the place where history has been written year after year for almost a century and a half. Rolex has proudly supported this centre of sporting excellence for more than 40 years.

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