For Formula 1 fans it’s always an exciting moment when, on race day, the giant Rolex clock ticks around to 12 and the field heads off on their warm-up lap. While most of us can’t remember a Formula 1 weekend without this tradition, you might be surprised to hear that Rolex has only been the official timekeeper since 2013, but that still makes 2022 the ten-year anniversary.

That said, Rolex’s association with the world of motorsport has been long and fascinating. As well as supporting Formula 1, they’ve also been a historic partner of the Daytona 24 Hours and the 24 Hours of Le Mans, both of which carry legendary status. A large part of the mythos of banking victory in these races has been the honour of wearing the winner’s Daytona watch that the Rolex provides. It’s fair to say that many iconic watches from the brand have their origins firmly cast in the world of motorsport.

No matter whether watchmaking or motorsports, the will to exploit every ounce of ability in the hunt for the pole position is what connects Rolex to its brand ambassadors. One is racing legend, Sir Jackie Stewart. He is regarded as one of the best drivers ever to have sat in a race car and, during his time in Formula 1 he recorded 27 victories and three world championship titles. He received his Rolex Daytona in the late 1960s after a Monaco Grand Prix, possibly F1’s most famous race. To this day, his Daytona reminds him of special moments during his career and it has accompanied him for more than 50 years as a Rolex brand ambassador. When asked about the partnership Stewart commented “This year marks 10 seasons of Rolex’s partnership with Formula 1, and since the beginning, both have embodied ground-breaking technology, precision, and ingenuity at every level, while having a mutual appreciation for magnificent craftsmanship, style and, ultimately, the importance of timing. Nurturing long-term relationships is fundamental to Rolex, whether through associations with events or sporting legends.”

Rolex watches have always been synonymous with the pursuit of speed and perfection, both of which typically define Formula 1. Although ten years may not be a long time, it’s hard to imagine motorsport without this iconic brand.

There can be many different reasons for buying a Rolex, but one thing is certain – there is always something triumphant about buying a watch from THE Swiss manufacturer. Every time you look at the dial, you remember what you have accomplished. Take pole position in life and celebrate your achievements with a Rolex from TimeTraders.

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