This is the somewhat bizarre but fascinating story about Albert Johnson Walker, currently serving a life sentence for the murder of Ronald Platt, and the Rolex Oyster Perpetual watch that brought him to justice.

It started in 1990 when Walker, a financial consultant from Ontario, Canada, fled to England because he faced numerous fraud charges at home after his business collapsed and he’d embezzled $3.2M of his clients’ money.

Once on English soil, Walker struck up a friendship and did business with Robert Platt, a TV repairman who, as it happened, longed to return to Canada. Walker spotted his opportunity – he funded Platt’s trip back and then immediately assumed his identity.

Things were going exactly to plan until the real Platt came back to England in 1996. Fearful of being rumbled Walker hatched and executed a sinister plan – he took Platt out on his boat from Dover and whilst at sea knocked him unconscious before tying an anchor to his belt and tossing him overboard, into the English Channel. It seemed like the perfect murder, but Platt went to the seabed wearing his Rolex watch..…could this be Walker’s undoing?

Two weeks later, quite by chance, a fisherman pulled Platt’s body up in his nets. Although the body was understandably in very bad shape after spending so much time in the water, the Rolex was quite the opposite. Thanks to the manufacturer’s immaculate record of purchases and servicing, and the multiple-day power reserves in the watch itself, Police were able to determine the exact date that Ronald Platt was murdered – and why!

If it wasn’t for the Rolex, Walker would probably still be enjoying life, as Ronald Platt, in the south of England.

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