It’s brand new and it’s all part of our drive to be the most customer-friendly and secure online provider in the used premium watch market. Although we have plenty of return customers, (BIG thanks to you all!), we also have a lot of first-time buyers who, understandably, are a bit uncomfortable parting with hard-earned cash, before receiving their watch.

To ensure that all our customers enjoy complete peace of mind we’ve introduced a brand new Escrow payment solution in conjunction with Trade Safe, an authorised provider with the Payment Association of South Africa.

What’s an Escrow account? It’s a secure account in which money is deposited for safekeeping by a third party on behalf of two other parties that are in the process of completing a transaction.

Now, when placing an order, the customer doesn’t pay TimeTraders. Instead, they make payment into an Escrow account held by Trade Safe at Standard Bank. Trade Safe remains the custodian of funds until TimeTraders fulfils its obligations.

It means that when you buy a watch you’ll receive it and confirm you’re 100% happy with it before we get paid.

It’s that simple!

Read more about this on our Buyer Protection page.

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